Simon Sustainability Report 2020-2021


CUSTOMER SAFETY As we have navigated the complex process of reopening and staying open, we have put shopper safety first. In accordance with CDC guidelines, all employees are screened prior to beginning work, high interior touchpoint areas are frequently disinfected using EPA-approved sanitation chemicals, and business hours have been reduced to allow for enhanced workspace cleaning. As air filters continue to be cleaned and replaced regularly, we have determined that the air quality inside our properties is better than that outside. Through on-property signage, public service announcements, and active and ongoing encouragement by property security staff, we continue to remind our customers to self-screen before visiting the property, wear CDC-recommended facial coverings, maintain six feet of distance, and partake of free masks and sanitizing wipe packets at designated entrances and/or at the Management Office. For more details, see pages 16-17 7 . PROVIDESUSTAINABLEOPPORTUNITIES FORCUSTOMERS In the last nine years, Simon has become a leading player in the electric vehicle (EV) arena by making significant contributions to infrastructure expansion for electric vehicle charging stations. In 2020 Simon added 179 EV charging stations across our portfolio. Simon currently has 995 stations installed at 120 centers, 60% of our domestic properties. Simon aims to install EV charging stations at 100% of our domestic properties where EV providers are available and Simon has operational control.

As a company, our priority to provide healthy and safe environments for our employees, shoppers, tenants, and the communities we serve continues strong. In our vision to be the epicenter of commerce and community, Simon aims to become the ultimate live, work, play, stay, and shop destination in each of our markets. Some of our most exciting projects feature state-of-the-art residential opportunities and ultra-modern office and commercial spaces. COVID IMPACTINGOUR TENANTS In March 2020, after our properties closed in response to COVID-19, Simon launched its Curbside Pickup program to support retailer sales. The Curbside Pickup program enables touchless exterior pick- up for retailers. As of December 2020, all but two of our properties offered this program to their retailers, restaurants, and customers. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on Simon and its stakeholders. We have taken strong measures to alleviate risks and support local stakeholders as best as we can. For instance, we provided rent deferrals and abatements for over 1,700 tenants, 74% of which are local and small businesses 6 . To enable our tenants to continue doing business and stay connected with their customers, we supported them by opening Curbside Pickup location points. Due to the closure of our centers, many tenants and their employees were directly impacted and many (temporarily) lost their jobs in 2020. We continued to support them in these times and continued to organize fundraising events and supported food banks.





6 As of June 3, 2021 7 As of January 1, 2021 - For updated figures visit


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