Simon Sustainability Report 2021


Simon’s ESG Executive Committee is primarily responsible for setting strategic direction for sustainability at Simon and providing counsel and executive oversight on sustainability initiatives. The committee identifies which ESG issues are most materially relevant to our business and key stakeholders and communicates periodically with the Board of Directors. This Committee provides leadership and oversight to encourage and assure sustainability opportunities are supported and recognized at the highest level of the Company. The Committee is also responsible for all strategic ESG and climate-related communications. Simon’s Board of Directors oversees Simon’s plans and prospects to assess and monitor progress on addressing the major climate change risks it faces. The Board of Directors may take a variety of actions to manage climate-related risks and opportunities. These may include implementing policies and procedures for

assessing and managing material ESG risks and opportunities, and integrating and adapting our strategic and operational planning, including capital expenditures. In 2021, the Governance and Nominating Committee led the Board’s process of reviewing the oversight of ESG matters at the Company, in particular looking at the allocation of responsibilities among the Board and each of the Company’s committees. As part of this process, the Company also reviewed its D&I efforts. In connection with this review the committee formerly known as the Compensation Committee renamed itself the Compensation and Human Capital Committee when it amended its charter to explicitly set forth its ESG and diversity and inclusion (D&I) responsibilities. The allocation of ESG oversight responsibility among the Board’s committees is set forth in their respective charters located on our website. Each of the Board’s committees will monitor the elements of ESG and D&I for which it is responsible.




■ Oversight of human capital management, including but not limited to management succession planning, D&I, and talent development. ■ Periodically review and make recommendations to the Board, as appropriate, with respect to certain of the Company’s human capital management strategies and policies, including with respect to matters such as D&I, management succession planning, workplace environment and culture, and talent recruitment, development, and retention.

■ Oversee and discuss with management the Company’s annual disclosure of its sustainability, including ESG matters and efforts in the form of an annual sustainability report.

■ Assist the Board in reviewing and overseeing the Company’s policies relating to sustainability, including ESG matters (except as may be specifically retained by the Board or delegated to other Board committees). ■ Assist and generally advise the Board on ESG matters, including overseeing the Company’s ESG strategy and related goals and policies, and periodically review with management the Company’s progress towards the achievement of such strategy and goals.








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