Simon Sustainability Report 2021


NOTABLE D&I ACTIVITIES IN 2021 Our primary goal in 2021 was to raise awareness of key D&I concepts across the organization and begin to equip each of our teams so they will be able to recognize and act upon opportunities to foster inclusion and further contribute to a great culture at Simon. We accomplished this goal by updating relevant policies, setting up clear governance for new D&I activities and initiatives, and educating our workforce about how they can personally support an environment of connection and belonging at Simon. D&I STATEMENT AND POLICY We published our updated D&I statement and policy on Simon’s corporate website. The posting of Simon’s D&I statement reinforces our public commitment to valuing diversity as essential and key to our success. Find our D&I Statement and Policy at . Further, our commitment to supporting a positive employee experience at Simon earned our organization nationwide recognition as a ‘Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion’ by the Disability Equality Index (D&I) in 2021. D&I is a joint initiative of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and Disability: IN, whose goal is to help companies collaborate with purpose to promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities. Our goal in 2022 will be to continue to explore new ways that Simon can advance its policies and procedures to meaningfully support a more inclusive environment and a greater sense of well-being for every employee. D&I GOVERNANCE Simon’s new, employee-led Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Council was formed in 2021 to act on behalf of Simon employees by providing practical input and guidance to Simon’s organizational D&I efforts and help manage our D&I strategy and ongoing activities. The Council members meet quarterly to work with HR and senior business leaders to formulate strategies to help integrate D&I best practices within the business and act as positive change agents. In addition, working in conjunction with Simon HR, the D&I Council completed an internal D&I Assessment process, which included the facilitation of 10 employee focus group sessions across a variety of organizational levels.

This process provided the Company with actionable data regarding where the business stands as it relates to D&I topics any potential gaps in our current D&I practices. The assessment and subsequent analysis helped Simon establish clear, metric-driven goals and will guide our strategic decision-making and other tactical D&I actions in the year ahead. In 2022, the D&I Council will contribute to Simon’s participation in NAREIT’s Dividends Through Diversity and Inclusion initiative and further support Simon as an active member in our sector’s ongoing D&I conversation. The D&I Council will above all help to identify new ways to foster a culture that promotes awareness, respect, and the value of diversity so that it can be naturally incorporated into all aspects of employee work life, including training, communications, hiring, advancement opportunities, retention, and the overall Simon employee experience.

Megan Evans Senior Tenant Coordinator

ENVIRONMENT Simon’s D&I Learning Series is a great resource that strengthens not only how we can interact with coworkers, tenants, and society in general, but also how we can advance ourselves on a personal level. The tutorials on unconscious generational bias have been particularly helpful for me in developing my own approach to communicating across diverse groups in order to do my job more effectively. “ “ APPENDIX EMPLOYEES





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