Simon Sustainability Report 2021


EMPLOYEEENGAGEMENT Simon continued to prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees into the 2021 calendar year in response to the Pandemic. Policies and guidelines varied by geographic location and depended on local factors such as case numbers, vaccine availability, and local/state regulations. Leaders were given autonomy to manage their teams for optimal productivity. This included allowing for flexibility around where the work gets completed (i.e., allowing for scheduling flexibility and working from home optionality). Additionally, throughout 2021 Simon continued to educate its workforce on the importance of getting the vaccine. Simon sent out periodic “COVID-19 Vaccine: Know the Facts!” messages via email as it related to research and data highlighting the benefits of getting vaccinated. Keeping the workforce informed was a key priority as we managed through the second year of the Pandemic. Like Simon’s approach in 2020, similar initiatives continued into 2021. As employees continued to work on-site or were in contact with customers, we took significant steps to help ensure they were able to do so safely by providing continued training on COVID-19 safety guidelines. We encouraged our tenants, vendors,and contractors to do the same. We also provided Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to be used when performing work duties, interacting with other persons, or as mandated by state and local jurisdictions.

FEXIBLEWORK ARRANGEMENTS Simon believes in the value created by in-office team collaboration. In-the moment, in-person interaction will always best support the pace of our business and create the most effective environment for pooling perspectives, sharing knowledge, and generating ideas. That said, Simon recognizes that sometimes the demands of life necessitate a certain degree of workplace flexibility. As an organization, we are committed to helping employees and supervisors find the right balance by supporting workplace flexibility based on job expectations, which is founded on mutual trust and accountability. Simon supports and empowers its leaders to make decisions that help ensure business priorities and job standards are always met. The nature of the employees’ work and responsibilities must be conducive to a flexible work arrangement without causing disruption to team performance and customer or client service levels.

QUARTERLY BUSINESS UPDATES One of Human Resources’ strategic priorities is to increase our organizational effectiveness around employee communication, particularly in driving meaningful business communication down through the organization. Quarterly Business Updates featuring a message from our CEO, and highlighting key topics from the Company’s quarterly Earnings Calls, are sent each quarter to all employees. With a defined employee communications plan in place, we drive employee engagement and reinforce a positive business outlook with an eye toward maintaining a

confident, well-informed, and highly committed workforce. COMPENSATION/BENEFITS CONSIDERATION

We continue to assess and offer market-competitive Benefit and Compensation programs. In 2021, we implemented market-based wage adjustments for targeted populations, which worked well to stabilize our workforce and mitigate employee turnover in a volatile labor market.

45% Female Employees 10

New Wellness Program Rolled Out in 2021

3,368 Employees

27% Employees Working Part-Time

10. 29 employees did not report








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