Simon Sustainability Report 2021



Simon’s recognition by the Institute for Real Estate Management (IREM) for having multiple Certified Sustainable Properties demonstrates our commitment to efficient and environmentally conscious properties. The IREM ® Certified Sustainable Property (IREM CSP) is a prestigious sustainability certification that recognizes properties for exceptional, responsible management in green building performance. To earn the certification, a property must first meet key baseline requirements and then earn necessary points across energy, water, health, recycling, and purchasing categories. Tenants and residents increasingly associate environmental performance with quality, so obtaining the certification presents a prime opportunity to showcase quality, responsible real estate management .

GREAT MALL In 2021, Great Mall was one of the latest in a long list of Simon centers to have achieved an IREMCSP certification. The center implemented many initiatives to reduce energy and water consumption, promote sustainable mobility, and reduce food waste, while working with our communities and partnering with tenants and suppliers to do the same. At Great Mall we have installed cool roofing 9 , covering 90% of the center, and we expect to cover the entire roof by 2024. We expect that the combination of the cool roofing project and conversion of the parking lot to LED lighting will reduce energy consumption at the center by more than 15%. We have also taken measures to reduce the center’s water usage. We upgraded 100% of Great Mall’s water-consuming fixtures with high-efficiency devices that will contribute to reducing water consumption by more than 10%. In addition, to reduce the need for irrigation, we covered 65% of the property’s planted area with native, drought resistant vegetation. Supporting sustainable and accessible transportation is a high priority, giving our visitors and employees access to various alternatives which reduce traffic and carbon pollution in the area. At Great Mall, we have installed bike racks at every entrance, and we ensured accessible connection to the public transportation systemwithin 0.5 miles from the center. We monitor and work to improve our progress against waste management targets. In 2021, Great Mall achieved a waste-to-landfill diversion rate of 45%which is 15% above the highest standard required by IREMCSP. In addition, we partnered with the city of Milpitas to compost the food waste collected at our center.

During 2021, we kept strengthening the visitors’ and tenants’ sense of community through a series of solidarity initiatives and partnerships. Throughout the years, Great Mall has organized various donation drives including one through which people could donate shoes for underprivileged children going back to school, another involving the donation of unwrapped Christmas gifts and toys for underprivileged families and children, and yet another providing food for families in need thanks to a partnership with Feeding America. In addition, since 2019, we have donated all unclaimed Lost and Found items collected monthly to our local Goodwill, including toys, electronics, clothing, and accessories.

Great Mall in Milpitas, CA is one of the latest Simon centers to receive IREM CSP certification

9. Roof coatings that reduce the heat absorbed by the building.








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