Simon Sustainability Report 2021


SUSTAINABILITY INNOVATIONCONTEST We wish to keep up with the rapid pace of development in green-building technologies and related strategies and identify relevant new opportunities that will reduce Simon’s impact on the environment and our operating costs. Therefore, in 2020, Simon launched an internal Sustainability Innovation Contest that incentivizes property management teams to identify and propose unique, creative projects that are scalable and that will reduce utility consumption and Simon’s impact on the environment. SNOW REMOVAL - CHICAGO PREMIUM OUTLETS Chicago Premium Outlets was chosen to test the Ventrac snow equipment with various accessories to determine whether it is a viable piece of equipment for Simon. Utilization of a straight plow makes this a compact unit that can do a lot of detail work that normally requires shoveling and allows us to plow in areas where Kubota, our current plow, will not fit. We tested the durability of the equipment and ease of use along with its accessories to determine best use and functionality and confirm the potential ways a switch to this equipment could produce an acceptable return on our investment. 2021 SUSTAINABILITY CONTEST WINNERS:

In 2021, over 50 initiatives were gathered and assessed. The employees who proposed the top 12 ideas received $500 each. The winners, together with their innovative ideas, were announced internally on Earth Day 2021. Last year’s winners of the Innovation Contest included the teams at Chicago Premium Outlets and Town Center at Boca Raton.

GREY WATER REUSE - TOWN CENTER AT BOCA RATON At Town Center at Boca Raton, a creative process was started to use grey water in restrooms by reusing the water condensation created on the roof. Condensation water from rooftop units is collected in two new 500-gallon tanks that store the condensation. The use of this natural water source helps to reduce the center’s water usage and associated costs. The water collected is then reused for pressure washing throughout the property. This has a positive environmental impact, as we are now capturing and repurposing water that would otherwise go to waste.

Chicago Premium Outlets Team: Fernando Munoz–Maintenance, Bryan Edwards–OD, Jaime Valenzeula–Maintenance, Laurie Vandalen–Area Manager

Town Center at Boca Raton Team: Sal Saldana–General Manager, Sarah Benhamo–Assistant Director of Marketing and Business Development, Rich Lindenberg–Assistant Operations Director, Jeannie Roberts–Director of Marketing and Business Development, Tony D’Amato–Operations Director








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