Simon Sustainability Report 2021


LOCALANDRESPONSIBLESUPPLIERS We work with many local suppliers across the country—from cleaning and maintenance to construction and security vendors. In 2021 alone, we spent nearly $600 million in our communities by working with local suppliers. In 2021, Simon completed and made public its Suppliers Code of Conduct. This policy outlines the minimum criteria that all suppliers and subcontractors working with Simon must meet. All suppliers are strongly encouraged to exceed Simon’s guidelines and promote continuous improvement throughout their operations. The Suppliers Code of Conduct includes the following sustainability requirements for all suppliers: ■ Social aspects including health and safety requirements for employees, labor conditions including fair wages, benefits, and working hours; protecting worker’s rights; suppliers cannot engage with any child and/or forced labor. Suppliers shall also provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified candidates and employees. ■ Environmental aspects: Suppliers are expected to minimize their impact on the environment and choose to work with or procure products with the lowest environmental impact and should discuss with Simon any products used which can negatively impact the environmental impact of the shopping center. Suppliers will establish and maintain controls to eliminate hazardous substances and materials from products and services, and will promote the use of suitable alternatives, whenever practicable. ■ Governance aspects include restrictions on conflicts of interests and related party transactions; anti-corruption/anti-bribery clauses; data privacy and security provisions; as well as anti-money laundering and counter terrorism provisions. The full Suppliers Code of Conduct is available on our Corporate website here .

PROCURING SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS We also have a Sustainable Purchasing policy in place which provides guidance on the inclusion of environmental and social considerations in connection with the procurement of products and services. Simon recognizes its responsibility to minimize negative impacts on human health and the environment. Simon also understands that the types of products and services it buys have inherent social, human health, environmental, and economic impacts, and that it should make procurement decisions that embody Simon’s commitment to sustainability. This Sustainable Purchasing Policy is intended to: ■ Communicate Simon’s commitment to sustainable purchasing to its employees and vendors, ■ Complement and support implementation of Simon’s sustainability goals and policies, and, ■ Empower employees to be innovative and demonstrate leadership by considering sustainability benefits when making purchasing decisions. PARTNERING WITH INNUSCIENCE Innuscience is Simon’s primary provider of janitorial cleaning products for its properties. These products are eco-friendly, safe to use, and reduce operational costs. By using fewer products, we also limit the transport needed for the cleaning materials to arrive at our centers. We constantly educate our workforce on the benefits of using Innuscience’s products. There are also health benefits by using Innuscience’s products. Our visitors are exposed to fewer disinfectants with pesticides, and by using these products, which can be safely disposed of in our communities’ water systems without introducing chemical pollutants, we help to protect the environment.








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