Simon Sustainability Report 2021


TOTALVALUEOFREALESTATE 340K+ People Employed by Our Tenants

Brick-and-mortar shopping enhances the quality of life and wellbeing of communities in numerous ways, including by supporting vital local interests such as education, public safety, and infrastructure. Additionally, in the ever growing age of digitalization, shopping centers are an essential counterweight that provide invaluable gathering spaces for visitors to shop, dine, and share in-person experiences with family, friends, and other members of their local communities. As a global leader in retail real estate, it is important for us to comprehensively communicate the positive impact we have on communities. To this end, in 2018, with Deloitte, we started “The Environmental and Socioeconomic Impact of Mall and Online Shopping Behaviors–2019 Whitepaper” study to identify and collect relevant socioeconomic indicators that demonstrate our centers’ contributions to their communities. In 2021, Simon’s operational spend with local suppliers was approximately $600 million. Simon also paid over $682 million in local property taxes, and Simon’s tenants collected $4 billion in state sales taxes at its properties. Even though many jobs were lost in 2020 due to the pandemic, over 340,000 people were employed by our tenants, providing income for many families across the United States.

204M+ Residents Living Near Our Centers

$599M Spend With Local Suppliers

LENOX PARK(ING) DAY Lenox Square hosted Livable Buckhead’s annual Park(ing) Day event, which was organized for the 5th year in the front parking lot. Livable Buckhead partnered with 35 local businesses to transform parking spaces into mini parks. The goal is to bring attention to the value of increased green space in our community by swapping parking spaces for fun and park-like play spaces. Park(ing) Day creates the opportunity to demonstrate the lack of public park space and emphasizes the importance of parks in the Buckhead community. Each participant was given a space and encouraged to decorate it in a way that embodies their organization and encourages sustainability. More than 500 people came out to enjoy interactive displays, food trucks, and entertainment. As Park(ing) Day was geared toward office workers in the surrounding buildings, the 11AM–2PM event time was ideal for workers to stop by and participate in the festivities while on their lunch breaks. Prizes were given to the mini parks that were the most sustainable, the most interactive, and the most favorite.

$682M+ Property Taxes Paid

$4B Total State Sales Taxes Paid by Our Tenants








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