Simon Sustainability Report 2021


SUPPORTINGENTREPRENEURSATSIMON FROM SHARK TANK TO KING OF PRUSSIA At Simon, we welcome and support new entrepreneurs. One such entrepreneurial newcomer is SPERGO, a luxury clothing line that has quickly won over industry heavyweights, including FUBU founder and Shark Tank investor Daymond John. Founded by teen entrepreneur Trey Brown, SPERGO offers some of the coolest streetwear and lifestyle apparel around. Brown’s goal was to do something to help encourage his peers to stay out of trouble and follow their dreams. What started out as leftover birthday money and 16 T-shirts quickly evolved into a thriving business. We caught up with Brown and his mother, Sherell Peterson, to learn more about Brown’s journey and what’s next for the brand. Read on, and be sure to stop by SPERGO the next time you’re at King of Prussia or Fashion Centre at Pentagon City.

For those unfamiliar, tell us about SPERGO. How did the brand start? Sherell Peterson: Entrepreneurship runs deep in our family—Trey’s grandfather collected and sold metals, and I sold handmade children’s and women’s clothing—and he learned firsthand how to embrace this spirit and make something of himself. When he was little, he was always on the go, buying and selling things. He quickly realized that he could use his love of design and passion for the community to create a brand that not only looked good but would also inspire youth all over the world. Trey won over FUBU founder Daymond John on a recent episode of Shark Tank —how was the experience of being on the show? How has the business changed since then? Sherell Peterson: Daymond John comes from the same community and has been successful in the same industry. Trey is really looking forward to learning as much as possible from his Shark and can’t wait to further expand while streamlining the production and logistical aspects of the business. At 16, you have already created a fashion empire! What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs? Trey Brown: Find your passion in life and then build your business or service around it. You’ll be more motivated to work hard when it’s your own brand or business you’re working on. There’s no shortage of celebrities who have sported SPERGO in the past—who would you most like to see wearing your clothing? Trey Brown: We hope more athletes will wear our clothing—especially my favorite sports heroes: LeBron James and Tiger Woods. Why is King of Prussia the perfect location for a SPERGO store? Trey Brown: Opening at King of Prussia was a no-brainer for us. Our store is surrounded by the top fashion brands in the world—it’s a dream come true. We wanted to open our store to help connect with our consumers and inspire the community that realizing your dreams and passion is possible.

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