Simon Sustainability Report 2020-2021


CEO TOWNHALLS Human Resources facilitates “townhall” calls with the CEO and core business groups in the company for the purpose of expressing gratitude for hard work, sharing key business updates, and providing opportunities for employees to interface with the CEO through informal Q&A sessions. COMPENSATION/BENEFITS CONSIDERATION HR facilitated the restoration of salaries for those employees whose salaries had been reduced due to the pandemic. Employees who were temporarily furloughed during the pandemic received full benefits coverage at Simon’s expense throughout their time away from work. We continue to assess and offer market-competitive Benefit and Compensation programs. many of their original performance goals that had been established for the year. HR therefore made the decision to streamline the annual performance review process for 2020. Looking ahead, we intend for the streamlined performance management process to serve as a transition to a more forward-looking approach, which will place greater emphasis on continuous feedback, talent assessment, and ongoing skill development. HEALTH AND WELLBEING Simon has a holistic incentive-based well-being program that targets early detection in addition to managing chronic ongoing health conditions. The program supports employees through health assessments and annual physical exams, which generate personalized goals and recommendations. To ensure the program is not a one-and-done model, incentives are built in to work with lifestyle and case management coaches for health conditions, including weight management, stress, and tobacco use. Simon also offers high-touch counseling for long-term health conditions such as diabetes. In early 2021, we rolled out MotivateMe, a voluntary wellness program available to all employees. Participants are asked to complete a health assessment which consists of a confidential questionnaire that provides a personalized assessment of their current health. This provides employees with valuable information to help them understand their current health and potential risks. RETAINING OUR TALENT We recognized that during 2020, employees likely had to adjust

Employees who choose to participate in the wellness program and complete the personalized health assessment, are eligible to receive financial incentives to complete an annual preventive physical exam with a primary care provider, and lifestyle management coaching, related to tobacco cessation, weight management and/or stress management. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered to Simon employees and their household members. Simon understands that its employees and their household members experience everyday problems, such as stress, obtaining child or elder care, needing financial or legal support, or possibly coping with substance abuse, and may not know where to go for help. The EAP offers access to highly trained personal advocates to develop a solution based on their needs and the resources available. HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT Simon has many leadership programs in place, including those for future leaders, mall management training programs, and general development and on-demand learning. Understandably, many programs were temporarily suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic. To adhere to social distancing and general group safety guidelines, our core leadership development classroom programs continue to remain on pause for 2021. However, to provide continuous development opportunities for Simon employees, the Human Resources Learning & Development team has successfully led multiple “virtual workshops” for teams across the company, targeting the knowledge and skills most relevant to the evolving business landscape. In addition, we have been able to expand our Simon Online Learning catalog, providing additional on-demand tools and over 40,000 different courses and other learning materials for all employees with content ranging from leadership/soft skill development to diversity and inclusion awareness. Over 2,300 employees used these Learning & Development resources in 2020. HR intends to resume core, high-potential leadership development programs in 2022 when health and safety related restrictions/advisories have been lifted.


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