Simon Sustainability Report 2020-2021

WATERCONSERVATION INACTION At Gurnee Mills in Illinois, the local team has installed a ProMoss Non-Chemical treatment to reduce water usage and provide other benefits and savings. Randy Ebertowski, Mall Manager, Peter LeBlanc, Maintenance Supervisor, and Tim Ryter, Director of Operations, initiated the project three years ago and were the driving forces behind its installment.

The water conservation project was also used by one of our tenants, Bass Pro Shops, for their outdoor ponds with great success. It has kept their ponds clean, and fish alive without the use of chemicals. Not only has this one initiative helped the center decrease its water usage, thereby supporting Simon's efforts to achieve its long-term 20% water reduction target, but it has also helped reduce the use and disposal of chemicals needed to maintain the cooling towers. This improves water quality, clarity and stability, and reduces maintenance costs.

ProMoss is a water conditioning product made of Sphagnum moss used in cooling towers, closed loops, open loops, process water, and wastewater systems. It is used for scale reduction and prevention, corrosion inhibition, and to stabilize the water’s chemical composition to appropriate and safe levels. Thanks to this efficiency project, Gurnee Mills was able to reduce its water consumption by 1.25 million gallons last year. The property saves nearly $30,000 annually with this project. We saw nature working in such an amazing way and asked if that could help malls change their impact on our environment. Tim Ryter Gurnee Mills, Director of Operations “ ”


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