Simon Sustainability Report 2020-2021


The American Red Cross is the largest single blood provider in the U.S. supplying over 40% of the nation’s blood supply. They must collect 13,000 units of blood daily to meet the needs of patients at over 2,500 hospitals and cancer treatment centers across the country, and the need for blood is ongoing. Blood is used to help treat patients with a range of illnesses and conditions including sickle cell disease, cancer, burns, internal bleeding and trauma, complicated child birth, and those receiving organ transplants. The pandemic had a significant impact on our communities. A shortage of blood donations due to safety measures and lockdown restrictions created an opportunity for us to create awareness of the Red Cross “Sleeves Up” campaign. Partnership with the AMERICAN RED CROSS

In 2020 Simon deployed its network of 200+ websites and social media marketing channels to promote the Red Cross “Sleeves Up” campaign. All centers participated in the initiative and over 700 pledges to donate blood were made from people across the country. We also organized blood drives across different centers, making sure people could still donate their blood in their communities. Through the Red Cross we organized 60 blood drives at 11 properties in 2020 and collected over 1,600 units of life-saving blood. Additionally, we highlighted COVID-19 relief efforts for healthcare professionals, first responders, essential workers, and other “heroes” making a difference in our communities through Red Cross “Know A Local Hero?” initiatives in California.

Do you want to roll your Sleeves Up? Please go to And pledge today to donate blood.


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